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Dominic Scott

Alice Vasquez

Hi my name is Alice Vasquez I’m a young mother and grandmother. I’m not your typical grandmother at 40 but life will surprise you I’m just here for the ride. along that ride I’ve experienced my life on fast forward no time to breathe much just lots of emotion. Emotions can take us to an ultimate high and our lowest low. through the years I found my passion without even realizing it. Years of yoga teacher training and personal growth with the dedication to meditation has always helped me with my calling it led me to a deeper study into nutrition and it’s all making sense why am here. I am here to serve, to help and to be of guidance.

I am truly passionate about coaching and helping put peoples lives into perspective while maintaining and healthy balance.

We all deserve to live a little better when life doesn’t always seem to go our way. I believe we can coach it.

Alice’s Accolades

  • Certified Wellness Coach

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

Dominic Scott

Kayla Vasquez

Hi my name is Kayla Vasquez I have experience in health education, fitness, and wellness coaching for individual clients. My passion is truly assisting people help get on a golden path of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

I am a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach Consultant through IIN (Institute Integrative Nutrition). In addition, I also hold a Yoga Teacher Training certification through Hot 8 Yoga in Santa Monica California. 

My primary goal is to help inspire, motivate, and support everyone I work with throughout their journey. I will provide all the information customized to each and everyone’s goals to create their own specialized wellness plan that works for their lifestyle being. I am committed to help people vibrate to a higher level of their own potential and achieve their goals. I take an integrative approach focus on nutrition, wellness, emotional balance, reduce stress, and customize program to support health and wellness. 

Kayla’s Accolades

  • Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach

  • Certified Yoga Instructor


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