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We want to help you make a healthy lifestyle difference in each day – mind, body, soul. Experiences in our lives can lead us to a place where we find ourselves needing to escape the world by closing our eyes and connecting with our soul.

Let us help you create the space you love, open the doors to the world of meditation and help you discover What really heals your SOUL.

It’s easier than you think to get started on a program to a healthy lifestyle you deserve.

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12 Steps To Better Health

Health is a journey, not a destination. It’s all about taking small attainable steps and enjoying the process. Below is the 12 Steps to Better Health tool to help you take your first step to improve your own health and lifestyle.

Pick one step and then go on tho another when you’re ready. You don’t need to follow the steps in any particular order. Trust your instincts and know that each change you make has a tremendous impact on your present and your future.

  • 1. Drink More Water

  • 3. Experiment with Whole Grains

  • 5. Increase Leafy Green Vegetables

  • 7. Eat Fewer Processed Foods

  • 9. Have Healthy Relationships

  • 11. Find Work You Love

  • 2. Practice Cooking

  • 4. Increase Sweet Vegetables

  • 6. Experiment with Protein

  • 8. Make a Habit of Nurturing Your Body

  • 10. Enjoy Regular Physical Activity

  • 12. Develop a Spiritual Practice

Let us help you elevate your mind body and soul and improve your life. Please fill out our health history form and one of our Health Coaches will be in contact with you. All of your information will remain confidential.

Client Testimonials

I was recently introduced to Alice and could tell that she was a warm and caring coach.  After a short discussion, I knew I had to try her services.  What started out as my desire for some coaching to improve my diet quickly morphed into a holistic review of my life.  We quickly figured out that my work/life balance needed to be addressed before anything else. Alice is guiding me through some life changing times with the utmost compassion while keeping it FUN! I can confidently refer her to anyone ready to make a change in life.

Laura H.
Private Coaching Client

To be honest I did not know what I wanted to get out of working with Alice but the results have been life changing. I was in a rut professionally, physically, and emotionally. I just moved to Newport Beach and was struggling to find myself, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, without jeopardizing my personal life. Throughout the six-month program, Alice helped me realize my potential and set realistic goals. I have conquered all my dietary issues, started a new job, and began participating in healthy lifestyle activities. I would recommend Alice to anyone and everyone.

Kelly L.
Private Coaching Client

Alice is a true health coach, and for the past year she’s been like a big sister to me. She has helped me eat right and set me on the right path. She makes me happy because she listens and understands. She has given me great tips like writing down what I eat and to always take my time. We talk a lot about what foods I like that are healthy and she has recommended documentaries that also inspire me to eat better. She’s an amazing beautiful patient human being. I recommend MediTate personal coaching to anyone looking to elevate their mind body and spirit.

John S.
Private Coaching Client

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